Getting A Girlfriend Even Without Trying

It is kind of funny how countless men, who are basically not even dating on the regular, want to dig out the best approach to getting a girlfriend soon yet they’ve not crossed over from not knowing how to get a girl’s number. Talk of putting the cart before the horse!

A man worth his salt should have that already sorted and consequently be comfortable thinking about the next move to get him a girlfriend–going on dates, it’s the only way to bridge the gap!

So why would you need a date to get you a girlfriend? Dating is deemed as the “testing time” for people which allows them to identify whether they can or cannot bond and correlate with the other person.

Remember, the initial dating setup is almost certainly the most critical of all your other dates with her as it defines the tone of everything that will come thereafter. At the same time, if upcoming dates do not elicit substantial developments, then one or the other thing is missing…

When you date a woman, each and every other date will have to be an enhancement
of the previous date for you to have any hopes whatsoever. If that doesn’t occur, you then must be prepared for a major disappointment and certainly no girlfriend for you!

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