Cool Tips On Ways To Flirt With A Girl

What starts as an exchange of pleasantries eventually turns into a sensational chat that has her laughing, and you stifling your piece. Before long, what may have seemed so camaraderie no longer isn’t as she playfully crosses her legs and plays with her hair…

And you think to yourself, “Wow! I really have her going…” but only because flirting with any cute girl is your PhD.

Have you graduated from the class of “Flirts Associated”? If you haven’t then the only thing she’ll be crossing is her arms before her chest. Trust, it’s not a sorority for the ignorant and careless, just a following for those who live life to the fullest.

You may have become oblivious to the fact that flirting is not cheap; is that why you’re reading this? And if it were cheap, don’t we all love cheap? That makes you a Holy Joe right?…Because we don’t know how you wish she was playing with her hair and lusciously licking her lips while talking to you…!

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