Can You Really Double Your Dating?

David DeAngelo’s new book, Double Your Dating, has been reviewed by one of the leader authors of seduction.

The review explains why this book went straight to the number one best selling book in the category of dating advice.

It has truly revolutionized the way men think about women and relationships. One of the key quotes by the author is: “Attraction is not a choice”, which is the theme for the entire book.

Hot Tips On Ways To Pick Up Girls

If you haven’t been able to get a date for valentine’s day, then this next article is for you. The new how to pick up girls guide has been posted for everyone to enjoy. It contains everything from the mentality you must adopt to exactly what to say when you are meeting women for the first time. When you finally realize that there really isn’t much to picking up girls during the day, you’ll feel an immense amount of power.

To be able to see someone that appeals to you… and know that you can, at any moment, approach and talk to them is liberating and exhilarating at the same time. I trust that you will use the power of attraction only for good and that you’ll approach only women that you like. If you pick up people that you aren’t interested in, you risk the chance of hurting their feelings.

We’re always trying to leave people better off than when we first met them and improve the lives of our fellow human beings. Let’s all be social together.

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The ABCs Of Making A Girl Fall Madly In Love

Its interesting to see that people are searching for how to make a girl fall in love with you on the Internet. Love is an emotion that should be natural and without effort.

Keeping this in mind, there is only one accurate article that I have found entitled how to make a girl fall in love with you at It describes what men and women endure on a daily basis and how they can completely turn around their lives. Understanding love, what triggers it on a biological and spiritual level really allows you to open up some barriers.

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Top New Findings On Ways To Attract Girls

There has been research done on the subject of how to attract a girl by projecting signals of a healthy mate. Through the years, men have found that women in general react very well to certain aspects of a man’s life. Once these aspects are understood, the men then began improving these areas of their life to increase their overall appearance and therefore, attraction.

The result: the men that originally could not attract any women were now overloaded with possible options for female companionship. Here are some examples of men that have learned what really attracts women (other than looks of course) and have decided to use it to their advantage. Honestly, at the end of the day you’re going to find that special person you’re looking for… but the faster you can take the time to work on yourself, the faster you’ll be able to find that person!

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There’s No Guessing In What Attracts Women…

What attracts women is an enigma to most men in our century. New studies have shown that there are general triggers which affect nearly all humans alike. Using these concepts, the idea of what attracts male and females has been dissected to be explained with logical terms.Although the emotional side of attraction is highly unstable, the author in the study caters to the general rules which apply in human interactions. He provides tips and guidelines to improving one’s life and ultimately, learning what attracts women. It’s pretty incredible what you can once you understand the triggers used in attraction. It allows you to understand certain social situations and completely dominate your environment.

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Foot massager season approaches

The holidays approach and as usual, foot massager machines are one of the best gifts to give a loved one. This year, the various foot massager products have been reviewed for therapeutic value, cost and of course, pleasure. Of these, only a few stand out in the eyes of the consumer.

Throughout the years, the foot massager industry has evolved from being simply a vibrating  box to a complex array of motorized machines that soothe the muscles.

What You Must Know About Making A Girl Feel Good

As our society turns to psychology, a study has been made on how to make a girl feel good. This study takes into consideration all the variables associated with the emotional system of a human being and aims to trigger the key components to make a woman feel good. The author first examines the theoretical side of the equation and then provides some real life examples on how to apply the concepts.

If you want to know how to make a girl feel good, the author suggests that being genuine is the leading way to succeed.

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Indigestion symptoms can cause long term disorders

New research shows that indigestion symptoms can produce long term effects on nearly every aspect of a person’s health. Results arrived indicating that the first signs of indigestion produce toxic buildup and less frequent bowel movements in all subjects. After 2 weeks of persistent symptoms, the person has a 47% weaker immune system than a person with a normal working digestive system. It was also found that the absorption of nutrients in these people was diminished, promoting many more frequent chronic problems.

Acne sufferers find relief in lemon water treatment

Lemon water has been discovered to be the most underused and effective treatment for acne patients throughout the world. According to a study performed in Canada, the treatment of acne using lemon juice combined with water helps the body strengthen the immune system. Additional results showed a marked improvement in the skin condition of the patients. The treatment usually takes 3 days to see any kind of improvement, while most results can be seen within 2 weeks of daily application. Most of the time, people will use lemons to rejuvenate their body once every season change. It improves overall health and promotes the cleansing of the body without medication.

Youtube video of the day

Once in a while a video comes along that reminds you why you love the internet, and this year, that video goes to an extremely out of control fanatic fan. Make sure you see the video of the year streaming on Youtube even though you’ve probably already seen it. Today it was playing on the radio and on television, which is a sure sign that your web cast is a success. I wonder what kind of reaction he gets when he does normal day to day things such as grocery shopping.

What To Do After Getting A Girl’s Number

Getting her telephone number is the equivalent of passing an interview for your dream job.

In many respects you have done the hard part, you got your foot in the door and now have the opportunity to progress to the next level.

The question is, how do you progress to the next level? Surely it is not going to be plain sailing from here on now?

Pretty girl on mobile phone

What you need to understand is that you passed phase 1 and it is out of the way. So now it is time to figure out what to do after getting her number, but more importantly how to do it.

Using Text Messaging To Give You The Upper Hand

You now have her number, but you do not want to seem too needy by calling her right away. This is where a quick text message comes to save the day. Use this opportunity to tell her you enjoyed last night and slip in a little confident but humorous ending. In fact play a little game by setting her up to agree on a date:

You: “You know the name of this cool theatre on the corner of Sander’s Street is called?”

She: “Yea, it’s called Vue Theater”

You: Cool, thanks! See you there tomorrow at 9pm!

Texting allows you to be more confident than face-to-face which is why it can be a handy tool to take advantage of.

However, like with everything, there is always a limit and you should refrain from trying to have full on dialogs over text. You will have to face reality and come to terms that eventually you are going to have to approach and charm her.

A girl wants a man to be themselves, not try and be someone they are not, in the end your true colors will shine through and they know it.