Getting Your Girlfriend A Drone For Christmas?

I just finished reading a review on a drone and it dawned on me that most people are flying drones in a quite reckless manner. If I were to give my girlfriend a drone for Christmas, she’d probably crash it pretty quickly. Now that’s alright (I crashed mine too) however it appears as if the population of consumers are buying quadcopters and flying them in ways that shouldn’t be permitted.

Yes, the vast majority of individual drone operators are completely ignoring that, knowing that the authorities don’t have the time or the energy to chase everyone up. In the US though, the laws vary by state and change regularly, so I’m not even going to try to sum them up, other than to say the drone dudes here are definitely following them. I’d say the world’s about a year or two away from the first actual collision. If it’s with a big aircraft, then the drone will take out one engine and one will probably be fine, but if it’s a small civil aircraft or something like a paraglider, well …

Either way, that’s when the law will actually start to catch up, and when there’ll be more people arrested for what Britain calls, “Airprox violations.” The drunken fool who crashed his drone in the White House lawn this year. All right, take her up! You want to know why I’m here with all these weird lines in the desert around me, then check out my Field Day out in California City.

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