You Can Break The Ice By Directly Approaching Girls

One among the utmost dilemmas that a good number of guys experience with ladies they meet is breaking the ice by directly approaching her. The benefit of employing a direct approach is that it helps make the entire process a lot more trouble-free and painless.

To break the ice by directly approaching, you have to be compelling

There really isn’t any point in doing what you don’t believe in for others won’t believe it too – you can’t sell what you don’t appreciate or wouldn’t use. There are actually various things that can ruin your entire direct approach and should hence be avoided:

  • Hesitating and jumbling your words
  • Failing to retain eye-to-eye contact
  • Exhibiting little self-assurance

Let the girl do most of the talking – ask her questions

Women really like chatting, they do it much better than males and feel very nice when given the opportunity to freely and openly express themselves. So just allow her to maneuver the conversation as she pleases, at least she’s talking to you! And if that’s not part of breaking the ice…then neither is kissing!

By allowing her to take the chat at her pace, she will appreciate the fact that you’re actually genuinely interested in knowing her, and she will also seek to break the ice so she too can get to know you better.

Breaking the ice has under no circumstances ever been too effortless; but in breaking the ice by directly approaching, you’ll have your cards right where you want them!

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