Don’t Know The “Hows” In Getting A Girlfriend?

Sometimes when you’re trying to get a girlfriend, life tends to bite back at you. It’s like the universe really doesn’t want you to get what you’re after!

As my friend Chris Calo mentions in his dating article on how to get a girlfriend, he says that if your objective is to solely get a girlfriend, then it’s likely that you’re doing it for the wrong reasons.

Instead, guys should aim to have a fun time with girls, to flirt and enjoy life. There are many guys that have plenty of women in their lives but don’t have a single girlfriend.

Does that mean that they are unhappy? Of course not! In fact, I know many guys with girlfriends that complain about having one!

Instead, when guys claim that they want a girlfriend, I think what they really mean is that they want an intimate partner to be with. For that, you have to start with the basics of dating.