What To Do After Getting A Girl’s Number

Getting her telephone number is the equivalent of passing an interview for your dream job.

In many respects you have done the hard part, you got your foot in the door and now have the opportunity to progress to the next level.

The question is, how do you progress to the next level? Surely it is not going to be plain sailing from here on now?

Pretty girl on mobile phone

What you need to understand is that you passed phase 1 and it is out of the way. So now it is time to figure out what to do after getting her number, but more importantly how to do it.

Using Text Messaging To Give You The Upper Hand

You now have her number, but you do not want to seem too needy by calling her right away. This is where a quick text message comes to save the day. Use this opportunity to tell her you enjoyed last night and slip in a little confident but humorous ending. In fact play a little game by setting her up to agree on a date:

You: “You know the name of this cool theatre on the corner of Sander’s Street is called?”

She: “Yea, it’s called Vue Theater”

You: Cool, thanks! See you there tomorrow at 9pm!

Texting allows you to be more confident than face-to-face which is why it can be a handy tool to take advantage of.

However, like with everything, there is always a limit and you should refrain from trying to have full on dialogs over text. You will have to face reality and come to terms that eventually you are going to have to approach and charm her.

A girl wants a man to be themselves, not try and be someone they are not, in the end your true colors will shine through and they know it.